Jordan-based land and property Development Company, El Maghraby Real estate Investments brings you an elegant, forward and luxurious living experience. We aim to enrich the living standards and lifestyle of our customers by artfully architecting and building their habitats. We are firm believers that contemporary design and quality living brings forward a happier approach to life. We aim to fulfill our promise of delivering an ever growing and improved Life style.

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About Us


In 2012 two young men decided on carrying the legacy of their great grandfather to work in Real estate. Combined with a passion to develop, progress and expand  Being part of fourth generation of Seedo Al Kurdi ; a prominent landlord in the kingdom since the 20thcentury. El Maghraby brothers found El Maghraby Real Estate Investment Group. The company is represented by the following partners: Samira kurdi / President Hisham El Maghraby / Co founder & CEO Heba El Maghraby / Head of Business Development , Essam El Maghraby / Co Founder. Collaborating with passionate, committed and responsible counterparts we are aiming to leave an imprint on new standards of living space and home interaction in Amman Jordan. El Maghraby focuses on personalized developments, created to high taste individuals dedicated to details of beauty, quality and unique living.



After the success and smooth delivery of Enaam project, El Maghraby Real Estate isexcited to proceed in the growing market of Amman. Prioritizing quality and uncompromising professionalism, we aim to deliver our residents with modern developments to suit their needs. With the highest attention to details, our vision for the future is driven by clients who are looking for highest standards of quality luxury and value in their accommodations. Currently developing The Residence in Abdoun district, we are looking to develop approximately 30,000 m² within the coming five years in Amman’s most dynamic neighborhoods. It is the transfer of passion from our team to the people living in our spaces that signifies a Maghraby project.



Living in the ever-expanding capital of Amman, it becomes more and more difficult to find suitable living space and a practical location. The work we do stem from our values of inspiration and progression. El Maghraby aims to serve clients who not only value quality and excellence, but chose to surround themselves with it every day. We do our jobs with a higher goal to enrich our resident’s total life experience. With high focus on details that cater to every client’s needs and lifestyle, our ultimate goal is creating enjoyable living systems that don’t fall into the background, but are an everyday present experience.



El Maghraby Real Estate visualizes complete living spaces in Amman’s future. We aim to combine quality and beautiful living developments, offering a wholesome package. We believe in the core importance and comfort of a home to be a great investment. We look for investors that are not only excited about the returns we can provide, but who are also excited about being a part of incredible projects & a great company. Selling lifestyle through real estate, we ultimately aim to become part of the future’s quality living.

Our Work

Our work portfolio ranges from residential apartments developments to three unit condo buildings to grand duplex residences. No matter the size of the project, our goal is to deliver something exceptional every time

Meet Our Team

We have carefully cultivated a small team of gifted and diverse individuals, all of whom are industry superstars. By being extremely selective about our hires, we are able to invest a substantial amount of resources to attract and retain top performers.

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Essam El Maghraby


Hisham El Maghraby

CEO & Co-Founder

Heba El Maghraby

Head Of Business Development

Khaled Elmaghraby

Business Consultant

Al Suki

Architects & Interiors & Consultants

Architect Ruba Yaghmour

RY Design Atelier

Raneen Odeh

Accounting / Finance

Fatmeh Miqdadi

Client Relations

Hassan Fouad

Sales Executive

Sami Bakhit


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